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      Contact Us

      Add: West of Chaoyang Road, North of Songtao Street, Jieyang Industrial Park, Jieyang City, Guangdong, China
      Headquarters Tel: 0663-3938900
      Q & A Dept. Tel:0663-3938918
      Domestic Sales Dept. Tel: 0663-3938962
      Complaints Tel: 0663-3938900
      Fax: 0663-3938906
      Website: www.baol8.com
      Zip Code: 515527

      Email for overseas business: tch_xsc@jytch.com.cn 


      Technical Advantages

      Development Capabilities

      Our technology center has a complete R&D platform, covering product design, material and mold development, test and evaluation capabilities. We have established a database of rich development experience, with the ability to synchronize development and evaluation with users.


      Technical Innovation

      Tiancheng actively promotes technical innovation.The successfully developed LF (low-friction) technology can reduce friction torque and increase product life, which has been well received by customers and has been widely promoted.


      Tiancheng has passed the certification of IATF16949 quality management system, ISO14001 environment management system, ISO10012 measurement management system. With international advanced R&D and production equipment, the technical indicators of the products meet the requirements of national standards. Tiancheng has become a designated supporting enterprise of domestic well-known automobile main engine factory. It has been awarded the honorary titles of "Excellent Supplier", "A-level Supplier", and "Outstanding Supplier" many times, and obtains a high reputation in the same industry.